Rings that are magnificent in design and are fixed with stones and precious diamonds that offer the ultimate in finesse and elegance are exactly what you need to grab some extra attention at your next party. An exclusively designed variety of rings, varying from formal looking to casual, these cocktail rings have a lot to contribute to the sheen of your overall ensemble.

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Buy Cocktail Rings Online

How Cocktail Rings Came to Be

Larger than your average ring, these unique rings have been around since almost the 1920s. It was the American prohibition period, when people were forced to go to ‘illegal’ alcohol parties. Women too at that time had begun experiencing a new found freedom. Women started donning these rings to cocktail parties that were actually started because of the strong tastes of alcohols at that time.For an added oomph, the ladies wore chunky rings to these hidden cocktail parties and that is how they got their names. These diamond cocktail rings are of course statement pieces. If you are wearing a subtle outfit, embellish it with the perfect cocktail ring and see how a normal ensemble is taken to the heights of mystique, chic, and sophistication. The main feature of the cocktail ring is its center design. With large stones and beautiful clusters, cocktail rings are perfect for that extra flair in any outfit.

We at Julebox understand that a cocktail ring is supposed to be a statement, a unique design that is a beautiful description of your individuality. Jewellery has always played a major role in our lives, but when you design it with an extra amount of love and care, keeping in mind the destiny that every piece is supposed to fulfill, you create art. Irrespective of the fact whether you’re going for a ladies night out, a formal office party or for a casual dinner date, you can be sure that you will find the perfect cocktail ring from the varied and extensive cocktail ring collections available at Julebox. Each and every design is unique in itself and is sure to grab attention no matter where you go,after all, your jewellery should always be a reflection of you.

Easy to Find, Hard to Choose

Julebox offers you the chance to shop for your favorite cocktail rings from the comfort of your own home. With a number of payment options available, jewellery shopping has never been this easy. With easily navigable collections, you can search for the right jewellery with a lot of ease. The only issue that you will face will be when it comes to selecting some jewellery from the huge range, a range that is sure to entice you!

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