Management Team

R.K. Aggarwal

Principal Consultant

Mr. R.K. Aggarwal’s experience spans a cumulative 40 years, 30 years in Steel and Trading & 10 years within the Gold and Diamond industry. Owing to this, he has been able to gain unparalleled finesse in finance and manufacturing. Putting all of his learning into Julebox, he has become much more than just the initiator of it all; he is our guiding light, our mentor, the one we look up to. His past experiences with finance and manufacturing have played a monumental role in the building and the growth of this venture that we call “Julebox”. A true leader and a stalwart pillar for the company, Mr. Aggarwal is the strength among our numbers.

Pankul Aggarwal

Founder & CEO

Coming up with an inspiring concept and putting his back into it, aiming to create a success, Mr. Pankul Aggarwal has time and again proved his worth. Spending 10 years in the trading and gold & diamond industries, he and Mr. Karan Aggarwal came up with the idea to begin their own line of jewellery. Not just any jewellery, but ornaments that help tell a story. That was how JuleBox came to being.

Mr. Pankul Aggarwal’s ample experience in strategy planning and brand building has been salient in bringing JuleBox to its present form. Taking on the mantle as CEO of the company, Mr. Aggarwal has truly dedicated himself to the company.

Karan Aggarwal


Mr. Karan Aggarwal has spent around 10 years in the gold and diamond industry, and has honed his finance and manufacturing skills to near perfection. Co-founder of JuleBox, Mr. Karan Aggarwal has been helping build the company on critical reasoning, innovative thinking, and experience, ever mindful of working towards maximizing assets. Mr. Aggarwal, one of the pillars of JuleBox, has been playing a paramount role in advancing the company to its present height, while also ensuring that they develop span project controlling infrastructures. With his brilliant skills in finance, he has truly helped the company grow from a simple idea to a reality.

Mohit Bhandari

Manager – Operations

Mr. Mohit Bhandari has over 8 years of experience spanning the Education as well as Ecommerce domains, owing to which he has unsurpassed experience in operations and management. Behind every smooth running enterprise, is an adroit master holding the reins. Mr. Bhandari carries the responsibility of ensuring that the workings of the company are without hiccup and are well coordinated. He has been performing his duties impeccably, keeping everything working like well-oiled cogs of a machine. His experience with the education and ecommerce sectors have played a major role in helping him gain vital skills, which he has successfully turned towards the betterment of JuleBox.